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The Hills Call by crimandclove (9/10 | 39,286 | Rated T)

Five years ago, Prince Derek of the Hale Empire had fallen for the son of a Baron, Genim of Stilinski. His mother had not approved, and after some time imprisoned Genim escaped to the Dukedom of the Shore, where he was taken in by Duke Christopher and Lady Allison. Now, Prince Derek is on his deathbed from a poisoning and it is up to Genim, now called Stiles, to nurse him back to health. Wary of the Hale Empire, Stiles returns with their young son to see if he can heal Derek of his illness and escape the threats he still feels from the Empress herself.

Rites of passage series by maliwanhellfire (4 works | 13,073 | Rated E)

Stiles Stilinski is an omega, in his final year of highschool. As part of his coming of age he has to complete a fertility rite. It’s archaic, but what does he care? It’s a harmless cultural institution, everybody does it, and it’ll make his dad happy.

Derek Hale is an alpha, moved back to Beacon Hills after years in New York. With no more omegas in his pack, he has the unenviable task of running the Hale pack until time or marriage dissolves it.

Settle Down by wearing_tearing, whatthehale (5/? | 41,469 | Rated T)

Stiles is a struggling author barely making ends meet.

Derek is a successful architect whose biological clock is ticking.

Enter a surrogacy agency, two packs, and a particularly sticky and toe curling heat week and you get a match made in heaven.

Hung The Moon by BurnItAllClean (7/9 | 64,363 | Rated E)

Slowly Stiles got control of himself again. His heart calmed. His breathing evened out. The anger was gone. In it’s place a bone deep weariness settled. He couldn’t do this. He wouldn’t survive this.


Blame the Cat


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Teen Wolf starts at 10 pm EDT in the US (convert your time zone here). All streams work outside the US

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this might hurt | a season 3 teen wolf fanmix [listen] [download]

Bottom Of The River - Delta Rae // Wild and Wasted Waters - Kill It Kid // Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool - Editors // Sleep Paralysis - Gabriel Bruce // Monster - Mikky Ekko // Habits - Maria Mena // Drift - Daughter // Wolves - Phosphorescent // Red Eyes And Tears - Back Rebel Motorcycle Club // 505 - Arctic Monkeys // Run - Kill It Kid // Devil’s Spoke - Laura Marling // Yellow Light - Of Monsters and Men // Home - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

“Well, everyone’s talking about you and Sebastian,” Jeff says with a grin, and Kurt huffs.
“Believe me,” he says, “there’s nothing to talk about.”
“But he claimed you, Kurt,” Jeff says, sitting down at his own desk. “And everyone wants to know why he changed his mind about having a canary. Some of the freshmen want to think it’s a case of love at first sight, but that’s sort of hard to believe, because, well, this is Sebastian. I’ve heard a lot about him and he doesn’t really do love.”

It’s a Dalton Tradition by melblue


The Warblers: Misery/ Maroon 5: Misery Mash-Up


Left Ear: Maroon 5

Right Ear: The Warblers

Kurtbastian Bigbang: faking it - keep_calm_90 & minj500

Title: Faking It
Author(s): Keep_Calm_9 
Artist: minj50 
Beta: larinia71 
Rating Story - NC-17, Art - P
Word Count: 32,82 
Warnings: Language, Man on Man se

Summary: While out shopping Kurt runs into his ex boyfriend Blaine Anderson an the guy he left him for. The encounter…

Breakeven (Cover of The Script) - The Warblers feat. Storm Lee


fanart for the fanfic ‘Faking It‘ by KeepCalm90 [Kurtbastian bigbang]