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Teen Wolf AU: In which Stiles is a famour actor forced to return to his hometown for a while by his father, who worries that the celebrity status is getting to his son’s head. While in Beacon Hills, Stiles takes to driving around in his old jeep - which promptly breaks down. The owner of the local garage is anything but willing to to play favourites just because Stiles is famous….

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this is literally stolen directly from the Derek/Paige scene in tonight’s Teen Wolf but how could I resist

The studio is quiet beyond the low murmur of talk in the hallway outside, the rustling slide of Kurt’s feet on the gleaming wood floor. He breathes in steadily through his nose, arm sweeping through the air as his body dips and his knees bow outward, his other hand resting lightly on the long barre. 

Golden dust motes dance on the warm beams of sunlight shining through the high windows, bouncing off the mirrors positioned around the room. 

"You’re still here."

Kurt glances at the nearest mirror, where he can see the reflection of the young man leaning against the doorframe and eyeing him with a raised brow and a faint smirk.

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“May I have this dance?”

“You weren’t kidding about wanting to show off were you?” Kurt teases, catching the pointed, cocky look Sebastian throws at Julian over his shoulder who just watches them with amusement and not a little bit of disbelief as Sebastian pulls Kurt out into the middle of the floor. Liv shouts dibs on a future dance with her little brother, as long as Kurt survives the first one.

“Nope,” Sebastian agrees, pulling Kurt into the proper dance frame, “So don’t screw this up yeah?”

“Oh like I’m the one who’s most likely to do that,” Kurt gripes back, but he’s smiling too and when Sebastian starts to lead them, only a little off, Kurt just goes with it, even the stumbles.

A Change In The Weather, Chapter 20

Tomorrow is July 4th. It will be the one year anniversary since the last acitw update


let us all drown together in each other’s tears


“Well, everyone’s talking about you and Sebastian,” Jeff says with a grin, and Kurt huffs.
“Believe me,” he says, “there’s nothing to talk about.”
“But he claimed you, Kurt,” Jeff says, sitting down at his own desk. “And everyone wants to know why he changed his mind about having a canary. Some of the freshmen want to think it’s a case of love at first sight, but that’s sort of hard to believe, because, well, this is Sebastian. I’ve heard a lot about him and he doesn’t really do love.”

It’s a Dalton Tradition by melblue

Kurtbastian Bigbang: faking it - keep_calm_90 & minj500

Title: Faking It
Author(s): Keep_Calm_9 
Artist: minj50 
Beta: larinia71 
Rating Story - NC-17, Art - P
Word Count: 32,82 
Warnings: Language, Man on Man se

Summary: While out shopping Kurt runs into his ex boyfriend Blaine Anderson an the guy he left him for. The encounter…


fanart for the fanfic ‘Faking It‘ by KeepCalm90 [Kurtbastian bigbang]

A Change in the Weather ‘verse pdf


I made this a while ago for my own use and I saw a few people looking for other links.  

The file constists of:
-A Change In The Weather
-A Kiss To Build A Dream On 
-Porch Light Confessions
-Sick Of Laying Down Alone
-Somebody That I Used To Know

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?rke11ufkqkjj68r

Note: All are in pdf format and it’s zipped. If you have problem with that just ask and I can post them all individually.

Enjoy :)

Glee: As Your Shadows Crosses Mine


Link(s): [x]

Author: angelofcaffeine

Pairing: Kurtbastian

Summary: Weeks after becoming suddenly single, while sitting across from Sebastian Smythe in the Lima Bean (who was doing Kurt’s homework for him, of all things), two things occurred simultaneously to Kurt: 1) he spent way too much time in the Lima Bean, and 2) he always ended up befriending people he hated.



Acitw fanart by ~minj500


*sniff*  I miss it so.