Sterek AU: Stiles and Derek have been fooling around for a while but Stiles still insists that they’re just “friends”. Derek is done with it, to be honest.


beauty and the beast comparison | 2 of 2

"I’m so not buying your threats anymore!"


Mama Wolf AU: Scott never gets bitten. Peter Hale takes a special interest in a nurse he would catch glimpses of in the hospital he was stuck in for years. Trying to form a new pack, he forces the bite on her. Wanting nothing to do with him, she pushes him out of her life and tries to struggle with full moons on her own. Full moons and a persistent Peter aren’t her only problems, she has to juggle making Derek Hale back off from trying to become bffs with her son, keeping her secret from her family, dodging deadly hunters, and controlling her new strengths to help save lives at the hospital. When Peter starts killing again, things get even more out of control and - well, the outcome is a dead Peter Hale, and a lot of power she never thought she’d have to handle, but has no choice either way.

Sign me the fuck up for this AU, it’s glorious

AU | After two terrifying moments in Stiles’ life (Matt holding him and his Dad hostage, being kidnapped by Gerard), Stiles realises that life is too short to hold back secrets and not be who you are. He decides to tell his Dad a secret he has been hiding for quite a while.
“His name is Derek Hale.”


colferworshiper asked for “Sebastian is jealous that Kurt is going on a date with Adam not him”

At first he thinks it’s a joke, that perhaps Kurt is finally catching onto Sebastian’s feelings and the chemistry that Sebastian thinks- knows is there when ever they’re together. But then Kurt keeps talking, keeps smiling stupidly and it becomes so clear that Kurt is telling the truth.
 It feels like Sebastian’s world is ending,watching Kurt talk about the boy or man rather that he is obviously so enamored with. How can Sebastian compete with that? Sexual prowess counts for nothing with Kurt and here is someone who possesses the experience that will make Kurt happy. He was supposed to become that person and now he doesn’t even get the chance to try.

The cracks in his smile feel so obvious to him and yet Kurt doesn’t even notice.


Kurtbastian Week:
day 4: kurtbastian + fights; In which Sebastian and Kurt have been dating for 4 years and are now seniors and Sebastian gets jealous of Kurt humoring a freshman’s crush and things blow up (but not in the good way).

Sterek!AU - Sterek Christmas AUs!

More fluffy…ish stuff to wish you all a merry Christmas :) 

Anderberry AU — in which Rachel stakes out her own house, and Finn is (once again) forced to come along.