this is literally stolen directly from the Derek/Paige scene in tonight’s Teen Wolf but how could I resist

The studio is quiet beyond the low murmur of talk in the hallway outside, the rustling slide of Kurt’s feet on the gleaming wood floor. He breathes in steadily through his nose, arm sweeping through the air as his body dips and his knees bow outward, his other hand resting lightly on the long barre. 

Golden dust motes dance on the warm beams of sunlight shining through the high windows, bouncing off the mirrors positioned around the room. 

"You’re still here."

Kurt glances at the nearest mirror, where he can see the reflection of the young man leaning against the doorframe and eyeing him with a raised brow and a faint smirk.

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“Well, everyone’s talking about you and Sebastian,” Jeff says with a grin, and Kurt huffs.
“Believe me,” he says, “there’s nothing to talk about.”
“But he claimed you, Kurt,” Jeff says, sitting down at his own desk. “And everyone wants to know why he changed his mind about having a canary. Some of the freshmen want to think it’s a case of love at first sight, but that’s sort of hard to believe, because, well, this is Sebastian. I’ve heard a lot about him and he doesn’t really do love.”

It’s a Dalton Tradition by melblue


colferworshiper asked for “Sebastian is jealous that Kurt is going on a date with Adam not him”

At first he thinks it’s a joke, that perhaps Kurt is finally catching onto Sebastian’s feelings and the chemistry that Sebastian thinks- knows is there when ever they’re together. But then Kurt keeps talking, keeps smiling stupidly and it becomes so clear that Kurt is telling the truth.
 It feels like Sebastian’s world is ending,watching Kurt talk about the boy or man rather that he is obviously so enamored with. How can Sebastian compete with that? Sexual prowess counts for nothing with Kurt and here is someone who possesses the experience that will make Kurt happy. He was supposed to become that person and now he doesn’t even get the chance to try.

The cracks in his smile feel so obvious to him and yet Kurt doesn’t even notice.


Kurtbastian Week:
day 4: kurtbastian + fights; In which Sebastian and Kurt have been dating for 4 years and are now seniors and Sebastian gets jealous of Kurt humoring a freshman’s crush and things blow up (but not in the good way).


Sebastian and Kurt (glee) as Brian And Justin (queer as folk)

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fanart for the fanfic ‘Faking It‘ by KeepCalm90 [Kurtbastian bigbang]


Warbler Dancing Gif Appreciation Post



Acitw fanart by ~minj500


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